Welcome to Bangor Aviation

Bangor Aviation is Bangor International Airport’s own FBO. Bangor Aviation is comprised of one of the most experienced full-service handling organizations worldwide with more than 40 years of experience.

Prompt Professional Service  

Our personnel are dedicated to providing customers with prompt and professional service, and they are renowned for their ability to turn an aircraft quickly and safely. For example, a G4 can be turned in about 30 minutes, while a full government clearance technical stop takes about 60 minutes for a Boeing 757 and just 90 minutes for a fully-loaded Boeing 747.

Around-the-Clock Fuel Service 

Bangor Aviation provides complete fueling services. Most major credit cards are accepted. Bangor will work with your fuel broker or reseller, and contract arrangements are available. Jet-A is available around the clock (with or without Prist additive) via hydrant and truck fueling.