Fuel, Lube & Fluids
  • BGR Aviation is backed by more than 50 years of experience.
  • Most major credit cards are accepted.
  • We have long-standing relationships with fuel brokers and resellers to give you the best price available.
  • Contract arrangements are available.
  • Jet-A is available around the clock (with or without Prist additive) via hydrant and truck fueling.
  • Bangor carries most popular brands of lubricants utilized by carriers, as well as hydraulic fluids.

Federal Inspection Clearance Services
  • 24-hour access to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Public Health and Animal/Plant quarantine services. Bangor’s International Arrivals Terminal is specifically designed to handle clearing flights and is capable of processing 1,000 passengers per hour with regional U.S. Customs headquarters on site.
  • Bangor International Airport is the most convenient and time-efficient government and international travel services facility available in the United States.
  • International tours and holiday carriers avoid congestion and delays at their ultimate destination by taking advantage of Bangor’s ability to clear passengers quickly and efficiently through the various United States governmental agencies.
  • There are no Canadian user fees at Bangor.
  • We have competitive landing/ramp and handling fees.
  • Discounts/flat fees are negotiable.
  • For more information regarding pricing, fuel sales, and support, contact Anita Allard at aallard@bgraviation.com or 207.992.4616.
Dispatch Services
  • Bangor’s Dispatch personnel are available 24/7.
  • Experienced dispatchers coordinate arrival, servicing and departure with base operations, the FAA, U.S. Customs & Border Protection and all ground handling services.
  • We provide comprehensive briefings for crews, complete with current weather maps, NOTAMs, flight plan filing, weight and balance, and the daily North Atlantic routes. Movement messages are promptly provided to base operations, ensuring that interested parties are kept apprised of an aircraft’s whereabouts.
  • Complete Flight Watch services are available for any airline movements to and from any foreign or domestic location.
Snow Removal Capability
  • Our weather record is unsurpassed.
  • Bangor is renowned worldwide for its ability to remain open in the worst weather and has a snow removal capability second to none.
  • Bangor operates a large fleet of state-of-the-art snow removal equipment, including snowplows, blowers, high-speed brooms and de-icing units.


  • BGR Aviation has FAA licensed A&P mechanics available 24/7 to perform maintenance/repair on most types of aircraft.
  • Our repair station is FAA/EASA certified.
  • Bangor performs ETOPS checks upon request and maintenance needs on aircraft over 12,500 lbs. For more information, contact Aircraft Maintenance at 207.992.4636.
Interior Aircraft Cleaning
  • Aviation services staff takes pride in helping maintain the appearance of your equipment.
  • Three levels of cleaning services are offered as a complement to ramp service packages, all competitively priced to meet your needs.
  • Custom cleaning packages may be arranged upon request.
  • Bangor personnel are trained to clean all makes and models of aircraft.
  • De-icing is available 24/7 with Type I & IV fluids.
  • With three de-icers, including a high-reach that can handle the tallest of aircraft, our de-icing capabilities are top of the line.

Air Carrier Ops
  • Whether you are a large or small carrier, domestic or international, spaces for passenger or cargo operations are available at Bangor.
  • Facilities for on-field maintenance operations also are generally available.
  • Rental fees and leases are reasonable and competitive. Bangor’s administrative staff is small, flexible and highly knowledgeable, ensuring prompt answers to questions and quick solutions to problems.
  • Medical Emergency assistance is available 24/7 for in-flight emergencies.
    • Two major medical facilities are within 10 minutes of the airport.
    • Airfield Rescue Firefighting Station is located on the airfield to handle your diversion upon landing.
    • Bangor’s passenger service agents will assist the flight crew and will accompany an ailing passenger and family members to the hospital if necessary. BGR Dispatch will make local arrangements for accommodations if necessary.
  • Weather Diversions: Winter weather on the East Coast of the United States often adversely affects the schedules of international and domestic carriers flying into major metropolitan areas on the Eastern Seaboard. Bangor is the diversion stop when inclement conditions like freezing rain, snow, or fog close Boston, New York, or other major metropolitan centers.
  • Air Rage Diversion: BGR is experienced in minimizing the diversion required by in-flight disturbances. We handle the situation securely and effectively and get you back on your way.
  • Mechanical Diversion: BGR Aviation has FAA/EASA licensed A&P mechanics available around the clock to perform maintenance/repair on most types of aircraft. Our repair station is FAA/EASA certified.
Emergency Equipment
  • Bangor International Airport operates under Index E capabilities. Index E is the highest FAA rating with respect to fire and emergency protection.
  • We are capable of handling any aircraft in the world.
  • The Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Station (ARFFS) operates on-site with the following equipment: one 1500-gallon P-4 water/foam vehicle, two 3300-gallon P-23 water/foam/dry chemical vehicles, and one 5000-gallon P-26 pumper/tanker with 1500GPM pump. Rapid intervention vehicles include one P-32 fully equipped rescue vehicle. Rounding out the emergency vehicle stable is a P-15, 6100-gallon combination water and foam unit.
  • On-site emergency vehicles are complemented by the rapid response capability of the Fire Department of the Air National Guard facility located on the field and in conjunction with the City of Bangor Fire Department.
  • Catering services at Bangor are provided in partnership with BGR Catering.
  • Dedicated to providing innovative, flexible, diverse and personal services, BGR Catering is the choice for excellence in in-flight dining.
  • All catering can be customized to meet specific in-flight needs.

  • BGR Catering’s team of culinary professionals design menus to fit an airline’s taste and budget. From economical menu selections of Italian specialties and entrée salads to exquisitely prepared presentations including filet mignon and Maine lobster, BGR Catering prides itself on serving outstanding meals.
  • BGR Catering offers experience with high-security flights, commitment to passenger privacy, knowledge of cultural tastes and traditions, and quality and consistency.
  • BGR Catering also operates an on-site Foreign Waste Processing center available 24/7. The site operates in accordance with guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • For more information or to order catering services, visit BGR Catering or call 207.942.5226.
Hangar Space
  • On a space-available basis, Bangor can provide hangar space for aircraft sizes ranging from Piper Cubs to Caravans to G-III’s.
  • Contact us at least 24 hours in advance for hangar space availability and pricing at 207.992.4582 or 207.992.4585.
  • Ramp space at the Bangor International Airport is almost unlimited.